2014-03-15 12.57.19

Living a nomadic life means that you can’t take everything with you when you leave. Today we’re going to talk about downsizing your life and living off of less. This week’s episode is all about helping you choose what you can keep and what you can live without. We put together a list of tricks for downsizing your belongings, and we’ve broken them down into 18 unique categories. Even if you aren’t location-independent, these tips are valuable to anyone who is looking to simplify their life.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • Why downsizing is an important part of the digital nomad movement.
  • How we decided to start downsizing and how that process began for us.
  • Why it is better to downsize in small amounts over a longer period of time.
  • Why it helps to give yourself a limited amount of space to store your things.
  • What “Sacred Objects” are and how to recognize the things that are important to the members of your family.
  • Why it is often cheaper to re-acquire something than it is to store it.

Mentioned in the episode:


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