This episode is going to be all about education, kids, and how to live a life of freedom. We are going to work through the five different options you have for educating your children while living a nomadic lifestyle. There are so many options for schooling your children today that there is really no reason that education should stop your family from becoming location independent. We will likely be diving into each of these methods a little more in future episodes, but this is a great introductory episode for parents who are getting ready to make the leap into location independence.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • Why it’s a fallacy to believe that kids need stability in their education.
  • The biggest hurdles that people face when it comes to educating their children as digital nomads.
  • How to make sure your children are socializing properly if they are home schooled.
  • The differences between homeschooling and roadschooling.
  • The benefits and challenges of enrolling your children in international schools.
  • What methods we are using to educate our own children.

Mentioned in the episode:school project

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