Create or Grow a Location Independent Business with the help of a Mastermind Group

Perhaps you have taken courses, read books, or joined online communities. And perhaps through all that you have been inspired to start or grow a business.

Yet, there’s something missing. No one is there to help you directly apply these principles to your situation.

A NomadTogether Mastermind is the perfect thing to fill that gap.

To help you take all these “shoulds” or “oughts” and turn them into actionable simple steps which take into consideration your lifestyle, your skill sets and your exact audience.

It’s like personalized coaching without the high overhead.

What is a NomadTogether Business Mastermind?

In short, it’s a group of 4 to 8 people connecting on the phone (Google Hangouts) once a week with the sole purpose of encouraging each other to grow their businesses. We bring together various ideas, life experiences and the out of the box thinking that will prevent you from making huge mistakes.

This is not mental health group therapy (though as we get to know each other mental health topics often come up!). Instead this is a group of advisors who are peers, lead by a guy who has helped businesses small and large from startup and ideation to scale and systematizing.

But what if I don’t yet have a business?

That’s fine! We’ll be separating people into different groups based on the stage of their business. So if you haven’t yet made $1,000 with your business you’ll be placed with others who are starting or haven’t yet started. Those who have made more than $1,000 will be placed in another group focused on growth, marketing and scale.

If you’ve made $1,000 in your business you’ve figured out the first major step in starting a business and your needs will be different. Those who haven’t yet gotten there will have much different questions!

“I learn so many things that help me with my businesses”

Being part of Paul’s mastermind group has been amazing! The conversations we have in the group are always helpful – even if we are talking about someone else’s business that day I still learn so many things that help me with my businesses. I also love the one on one relationships that are formed outside of the calls and how helpful everyone is. Paul has also set it up so we can have conversations as a group offline which is great for asking a quick question or getting feedback on a new idea or project.

Paul is very knowledgeable – especially in the location independent field and he is always happy to help. I highly recommend joining!

Bryanna Royal

Owner Operator, Virtual Powerhouse

7 Reasons to join a NomadTogether Mastermind

A NomadTogether MasterMind group will:

  1. Enable you to take consistent action on your business.
  2. Help you accomplish your goals.
  3. Increase your network and resources.
  4. Help you form tight bonds with like minded people. More tight knit than the LIFer Facebook Group!
  5. Accelerate your business knowledge.
  6. Provide accountability – it’s nice to have people who know you, know your life, and are consistently there to help you.
  7. Develop life long impact through friendship and business development.

Imagine this– someone in your mastermind is listening to a podcast, or reading an article or a book and sees direct application to your business. They share that with you because you’re in a mastermind group together. Right now you’re missing out on 7 other people curating business focused, direct application resources for you.

About your host, Paul Kortman

Paul Kortman

Paul Kortman has been running a successful location independent business for over 7 years. Before that, Paul worked in various companies first as an IT nerd and then as a digital marketer. Due to his roles as a marketing advisor for many different businesses, Paul has the knowledge and experience it takes to help almost any business or business idea grow.

Paul is passionate about the lean startup methodology which focuses on verifying sales and that your target audience wants the product you are offering before you build it.

Paul is also passionate about helping people grow, facing their real challenges and coming up with creative ways to overcome them.

  • Marketing Experience 100% 100%
  • Business Startup Experience 90% 90%
  • Ability to make people feel comfortable 96% 96%
  • Ability to spell words correctly 15% 15%

Paul’s Business Experience

Connex Digital Marketing

Paul started Connex a marketing and advertising agency in 2010 and made over $40,000 USD in the first two months of running the business.

Nomad Together

Nomad Together

Paul and his wife Becky started NomadTogether a community business in 2014 and are still building the audience with various products offered.



Paul co-founded a seed-funded startup ThingShare which was a sharing economy app focused on tools, video games and other physical products in houses. ThingShare shut down after 2 years of trying to find the right product-market fit.

Just Connex

Just Connex

The business that never got off the ground. Paul’s first attempt at starting a business failed by never achieving clients – a major lesson Paul carries into every business conversation today.

NomadTogether Mastermind


(Billed Quarterly)

Perfect for starting or growing a business

“The single greatest asset to my new business”

This mastermind has been the single greatest asset to the development and launching of my new business. The ability to bounce ideas off of other motivated individuals and have them question, react and recommend has been invaluable. Each time I hang up the phone, I’m motivated, energized and ready to start implementing the thoughts, ideas and tools suggested by the team. This group’s feedback on my business idea gave me the confidence to turn it into a reality. The format is loose enough to allow real discussion and everyone gets their chance to add their two cents. I would recommend these mastermind groups to any wannapreneur or seasoned veteran alike.

CJ Singer

Creator & Founder, Worldschooler Connect


Frequently asked questions

How much time do I have to commit?

Each call will be an hour long and at the same day/time each week. You are expected to be on every call. However we’re very understanding if prior notification is given, hey we’re all parents and some of us are traveling, a lot of stuff comes up!

There will be a Slack (online chat) channel involved and it is expected that you will check it at least daily (can take as little as 1 minute on your mobile device) to be available to your mastermind group and be encouraging or help on topics between calls.

In order to be a part of a mastermind you have to be willing to act. To take some form of action. You have to keep moving towards your goals. To quantify how much time you should be spending on this each week would be impossible. But if you commit to taking some action in the next 7 days you should allot for the time you will need to accomplish this.

Where does my money go to?

The money you’re putting up will go to NomadTogether, to offset the costs of Paul being on each call, to offset the costs of producing each podcast episode, and to offset the time Paul and Becky put into the free Location Independent Families Facebook Group.

The money also ensures that you and your group members are committed and will be an active member of the group. If you know each call is costing you $10 and you miss the call it will help you make it to the next call.

Do I get to choose who is in my group?

Becky and Paul will be reviewing your situation and matching you up with other people whom apply. Sometimes it depends upon your time slots available and sometimes it depends on other factors.

However, businesses in different industries can benefit from each other. These masterminds are not setup for similar businesses, the things in common will be a stage of business and time you have available to meet.

We will do our best to avoid putting competing businesses in the same group. However in the situation of a group of people without businesses yet there is a possibility that two people choose the same problem to solve for the same target audience. In that case, the group will decide what to do.

What are the format of the weekly calls?

We have two formats to choose from for each call:
– Hotseat/Spotlight 40 minute deep dive into one member’s problem.
– Round Robin 10-20 minutes each talking about a specific problem or situation that applies to all members. For example: Accounting/bookkeeping.

Meetings are held via Google Hangouts
Meetings are once a week for 60 minutes (the group can elect to increase to 90 minutes)
Paul Kortman is the moderator for each group, there is a system and a framework so it’s not just a bunch of people hanging out. Paul, as the moderator keeps each call on task and moving.

Hotseat Mastermind Outline

  • What I need help with for today:
  • Supporting Facts:
  • Questions of Clarification:
  • Gut Reactions:
  • Synthesize/Summarize:
  • Discussion and Assistance
  • Final Steps

Each quarter we will take one call for “Get to know you” conversations.
Each quarter we will take one call for Goal setting and reviews. (last call of March, June, Sept)
December is dedicated to Annual Goal review, annual/quarterly goal setting and family time/vacation.

Accountability? What stick do you have over my head?

You are an adult, and you will be treated as an adult. We will not dole out consequences for not doing your homework or doing what you said you would do.

There will be some natural shame/guilt. But the group will not focus on that. You are in charge of how far and how fast you move. All we ask is that you are honest with us.

Do you offer refunds? What if I don't like my group?

Payments are quarterly because it takes a few weeks to get into the groove of a mastermind group. We will refund your money in part if:

  1. We cannot find a group for you to join.
  2. Your group disbands
  3. You are treated poorly in your group

For other reasons such as you can no longer commit or you need to drop out we do not offer refunds. You receive a reminder two weeks before we charge you for the next quarter and you have a choice to cancel before then. If after the charge goes through you decide to not be part of the group you forfeit the money paid.

If you have major differences with a member or with the entire group, reach out to and we will try to find a new group for you or figure out how to remedy the situation.

When do we start?

We will review each application as it comes in (purchase the subscription and then the application is afterwards). We will refund your money if we cannot find a group for you to join within 4 weeks. Typically it happens much sooner. But in the rare case that we cannot find a time slot or a group for you we will refund your money in full.

Are there other solutions besides a mastermind group?

Paul and Becky are trying to develop products and services for the Location Independent Family audience (and those who want to become one). The feedback received has been a lot around how to start a business or how to acquire location independent revenue.

There are many solutions to this topic but many of the possible solutions are cost prohibitive for most people at this stage. Instead you need something more affordable. At $10 a week or $520 a year for a mastermind this is an investment that will return 10 fold. Of course there is no guarantee of this, it 100% depends on how much effort you put into the calls and your work each week.

NomadTogether will continue to offer other products. If you have an idea for us please let us know at Thanks!

What time slots are available?


FYI, We avoid Mondays (beginning of most people’s week and sneaks up on people) and Fridays (typically not the most productive day and often vacation)

Here are the current availabilities (subject to change) We will always accommodate you, simply send an email to if none of these times work for you.


  • Tuesdays 7-8am Eastern (4-5am Pacific) (4 spots available)
  • Wednesdays 7-8pm Eastern (4-5pm Pacific) (1 spot for a male only, this is an all male group)
  • Thursdays 2-3pm Eastern (11-noon Pacific) (2 spots available)

“It was not until I joined a mastermind that I was really able to develop and build a business that provides for my family.”

Just a quick note about masterminding with Paul. I have been in a group with Paul for nearly 2 years now.

It has been painful and transformative. As a 38 year old business owner I struggled for years to really hit my stride. It was not until I joined a mastermind that I was really able to develop and build a business that provides for my family.

If you are thinking, “I’ll do this sometime.” Stop, do it now. Join a mastermind and change your life.

Over the course of two years Paul has become a dear friend to my entire family and a trusted advisor in business and life.

Paul knows his stuff and is wise beyond his years.

It is a rare opportunity to have someone as well rounded and knowledgeable as Paul offer to lead a mastermind for such a reasonable price.

Nathan Bills

Founder & CEO, Velvet Forge

Let's Do this!