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Welcome to the very first episode of the NomadTogether Podcast! We are Paul and Rebekah Kortman, and along with our four children, we are a family of digital nomads. We believe that location independence as a family is possible for everyone. Along our travels, we have met families all around the world who have embraced this lifestyle. This episode will serve as an introduction to our journey. We’ll be talking about what got us started in this direction, why we believe in living without owning, and how the digital nomad lifestyle has changed our lives. This podcast is all about where we have been, where we are headed, and our views on the American script.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • How and why we decided to begin our journey of “Home Along the Way”.
  • Why we always recommend slow travel through regions around the world.
  • What we believe the definition of “home” is, and why it isn’t necessarily the place where you were born.
  • How our travels have allowed our children to view the world in a different way.
  • Some successful methods we have used to school our children during our travels.
  • How we transitioned from working day jobs to becoming location independent.

Mentioned in the episode:

 Kortman Family

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