About NomadTogether

Support for Location Independent Families and those who want to become one!

Built From a Need

In 2013 as the Kortmans were doing research and planning for a round the world trip as a digital nomad family they discovered a lack of community amongst the traveling families. There are communities for families living full time in an RV, but there were no communities of location independent, cross cultural families. The struggles of culture shock, the thought of raising kids in a community that doesn’t speak English.

They had no place to ask these questions. They were seeking people who have done this before, what are the tips, the advice, the possible pitfalls in what they were doing.

Like all other intrepid families before the Kortmans they kept heading in the direction their hearts were leading them and they did a round the world trip including a couple months in Southeast Asia, Africa and in Europe. (They are from the United States). Upon completing this inaugural trip the Kortmans set out to live this as a lifestyle but in doing so they built NomadTogether to connect all the other crazy families they met along the journey and others whom they’ve met since.

4 Kids on the beach in Cape Town South Africa
4 Kids on the beach in Cape Town South Africa

The Many Iterations and Tools

Initially NomadTogether started out as a paid for community, we discovered that the community we wanted to have should not exclude those who couldn’t or weren’t ready to pay for it so we switched it to the Location Independent Families facebook group. (You should join if you haven’t yet) Now we offer the community in the Facebook group, and dozens of resources including the Podcast to support families in whatever stage you are in.

All along one things has remained true, NomadTogether is anything and everything to help fellow families achieve their lifestyle goals. We believe that location independence is the first step to realizing what is most important in life (family and experiences) and just because you are location independent does not mean you travel, it just means you CAN live WHERE you WANT to, when you want to!

Paul and Becky blog through their personal journey as a family at HomeAlongTheWay

Stay Informed

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