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A lot of people ask us a ton of questions mostly around how to become a Location Independent Family. But the questions all are posed a bit differently, perhaps you may have had a question similar to one of these:

  • How can I create a Location Independent Business?
  • Where can I get a Location Independent job?
  • What about the education thing?
    • What is homeschooling? Do you take curriculum with you?
    • What is unschooling? How do I make sure I’m still legal?
  • What about health insurance and health concerns?
  • Is it safe in ________ (Africa, Mexico, Phillipines, etc)?
  • Should we RV in Mexico?

We’d love to help you get the real, honest, and experienced advice on any and all topics related to Location Independance.

Sometimes you can get everything you need via a Google search. However, there’s nothing like boots on the ground experience. That Google, while powerful cannot always get the exact answer you need.

Or what if you don’t even know where to start researching? You might not even know the right questions to ask! Sometimes a simple phone call with someone like the Kortmans can help you know exactly how to start your research and where to go.

A person’s experience cannot ever be fully explained, consumed, and personalized via blog posts or podcasts, or videos. This is why we offer consulting for you!

We just had a call with Paul and Becky to help prepare us for our first trip to Mexico in our RV with our 4 kids and 2 dogs. They were very informative and honest and didn’t sugar coat things but instead helped us truly understand what it will be like and what to expect.

They also included a lot of their own stories in which helped us feel more confident and also helped us learn from their experiences. Their approach to the call was very relaxed like we were old friends chatting which made us comfortable and able to ask all of the questions we had!

If you are looking to go into Mexico with your family for an extended time or in an RV we highly recommend talking with them!

It’s no exaggeration so say that I learned more about this lifestyle in the 30 mins I spent with Paul and Becky on the phone than the hours of reading blogs, watching videos, etc.

Bryanna Royal


Who are the Kortmans?

The Kortmans became location independent when they sold 90% of their possessions. Becky unschools the kids and Paul runs a business from the road. They improve their life through travel and a broader worldview by living in the US, Mexico, Canada, The Philippines, Thailand, South Africa, Bulgaria, Portugal and elsewhere.

Meet Paul

“The family that goes together, grows together.”


Paul is a certified nerd, a nomad and a marketing extraordinaire who has loaned his insights to a variety of businesses.


Paul has a reputation for honesty and transparency. He works hard in order to maintain a high standard in his work. Working hard and staying focused, he has created multiple niches for himself and set himself up to contribute value to everyone around him.


In 2010, Paul combined his 12 years of expertise in Information Technology, and digital marketing into his agency, Connex Digital Marketing. Since then Paul has gone on to co-found three other companies and help countless businesses succeed through marketing and increased sales.

Husband and Dad

Paul and Becky have 4 great kids and they live on the road as a vagabond family. Currently in an RV in Mexico.

My wife and I have 3 young kids and have been seriously considering the location independent lifestyle for a while now. I’ve read everything I could find online and watched plenty of Youtube videos. But the single best thing I ever did was connect with Paul!

It’s no exaggeration so say that I learned more about this lifestyle in the 30 mins I spent with Paul on the phone than the hours of reading blogs, watching videos, etc. If you want to fast-track your understanding of what this lifestyle is really like then you need to talk to Paul.

Josh Monen

"The single best thing I ever did was connect with Paul!"

AdveNtUrous Introvert

Equally comfortable reading a book on the couch and exploring a new city with Paul, Becky has found a perfect balance for having an adventurous spirit and also being an introvert.


Oraganization is Becky’s passion.  Details and planning are actually the fun part for her!  She would love helping you figure out the details that are currently causing you stress and anxiety!


Becky is serious about being available to her kids to help them learn about the world around them.  Having chosen Unschooling/Worldschooling (after 4 years of homeschooling) she is purposeful about encouraging their desires and interests at their own pace.

WIFE and Mommy

Becky and Paul have 4 amazing kids and travel the world out of a RV home-base in Mexico.

Meet Becky

“What’s the worst that could happen?”

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