Jennifer Sutherland-Miller

Are ready to be taken to a worldschooling tribe? Fasten tight as Paul invites Jennifer Sutherland-Miller, who will walk you through.

Together with her husband and four children Jennifer has spent most of the last nine years adventuring full time across six continents. Worldschooling the young people, birth through university and building a career as a successful travel writer and editor while exploring far and wide have been fantastic adventures. She is deeply involved in grassroots efforts to alleviate malnutrition and combat the root causes of poverty by creating sustainable, dignified work for women and through expanding educational opportunity.


Tune into this week’s episode to find out:

  • Worldschooling
  • Sending kids off to college
  • Earning Income
  • Being purposeful about creating a tribe
  • Gap year travels

Mentioned in the episode:

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