This week’s episode is a little different for us, as we are going to be sharing two different interviews with digital nomads who have taken outside the box approaches to making money and living a nomadic lifestyle. First, you’ll be hearing from Reinder de Vries and his partner Geerjte, who will talk about their website, a resource for people who are aspiring to develop their own apps (which can be a great source of location-independent income). After that, you will hear from Marcela Fernandez, who will be talking about how she is using the techniques she has learned while operating her educational tour service, OnBoard to build a learning community for nomadic families.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • Why Reinder decided to start teaching people how to develop apps.
  • How Reinder was able to successfully market a dating app in a really non-traditional way.
  • Tips for people who are seeking a location-independent source of income through app development.
  • Why Marcela created OnBoard and how she is planning to turn the world into a classroom.
  • The difference between regular travel and “Transformative Travel”.
  • What made Marcela decide to create a resource for Nomadic families.

Mentioned in the episode:

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