On this week’s episode, you will be hearing from Heath Padgett of the RV Entrepreneur Podcast. After Heath and his wife Alyssa got married, they decided to buy an RV, and honeymoon by traveling all 50 states in the US. Eventually, they decided that they wanted to live on the road full time, and they set out to see if they could work a job in each state as they traveled. They even created a documentary following their exploits. We talked to Heath about his family adventures, and how he has been able to create a source of location-independent revenue to support his lifestyle.

Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • How the Padgetts were able to live and travel full time for less than $2000 a month.
  • Heath’s advice to people who want to become digital nomads but need to find location-independent income.
  • How Heath has been monetizing his blog through affiliate marketing.
  • Some tips and strategies for people who are trying to monetize their own blogs.
  • Why Heath is starting a podcast and why he believes in creating multiple media streams.
  • Why Heath doesn’t keep a travel blog.

Mentioned in the episode:

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