Paul Moore
On this week’s episode, Paul talks about earning Location Independent Income through Real Estate with Paul Moore. When Paul entered the real estate sector, he completed over 85 real estate investments and exits. He also appeared on an HGTV Special Real Estate episode, rehabbed and managed rental properties, built a number of new homes, developed a waterfront subdivision, and started two successful online real estate marketing firms. Three successful developments, including assisting with development of a Hyatt hotel and a multifamily housing project, led him into the multifamily investing arena. Paul is married with four children.

What else Paul managed to complete:

  • Graduated with an engineering degree and then an MBA from Ohio State
  • Started on the management development track at Ford Motor Company in Detroit.
  • Departed to start a staffing company with a partner.
  • Was Finalist for Ernst & Young’s Michigan Entrepreneur of the Year two years straight.

Tune into this week’s episode to find out:

    • Becoming an Entrepreneur
    • Speculation vs Investing
    • Investing is a slow process like watching paint dry
    • Paper Debt vs real debt
    • Small homes vs Multiple (larger than 40 units) Unit properties
    • Fractional Owner
    • The problems with owning multi-unit rental homes
    • Human Trafficking

Mentioned in the episode:

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