On this week’s episode, we are going to be responding to a bunch of questions that were submitted by our listeners. We’ll be touching on a broad range of topics, including how we do family differently, and why we love to live with less. We’ll also be talking about how we were able to shut down our old lives, how we handle our mail forwarding, and why communication with your partner is of the utmost importance when you are transitioning into a location-independent lifestyle.


Tune in to this week’s episode to find out:

  • What it means to invest in your children full time.
  • How our children’s lives have benefited from travel.
  • How much time Paul spends working and how much time he can spend doing family activities.
  • When and where Paul manages to do his work on the road.
  • How to deal with friends and families questions and concerns about your lifestyle.
  • How to make medical preparations if you are planning on traveling for an extended period of time.

Mentioned in the episode:


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