On today’s show, Paul talks with Ashley Dymock de Tello about revolutionizing education through Worldschooling. Ashley is originally from Utah, but has spent five of the past seven years living abroad. She currently lives in Mexico with her husband (who she met while doing research there) and their son. For the past year and a half Ashley has worked as the head writer and editor at Nomad Capitalist and she has just written her first book, “World Schooling: How to Revolutionize Education Through World Travel.

If you are listening right now, the book just came out (April 1st on Amazon) and you can purchase and download it here.

Are you skeptical about the already happening revolution in education through Worldschooling? Then you definitely should listen to this episode.

Tune into this week’s episode to find out:

  • Ashley’s book “World Schooling: How to Revolutionize Education Through World Travel.”
  • The different methods that people use to world school
  • Educational and financial resources now available
  • How Ashley ended up in Mexico
  • Why you should worldschool your child
  • The different ways to world school
  • Forming your own game plan to become a world schooler.

Mentioned in the episode:

Guest’s Book

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